Best Surf Watches And Why Every Surfer Needs One

If you have been surfing for a while now, you should be able to understand what the best surf watches are made of. But don’t consider it a crime if you do not exactly have an idea what makes an excellent surf watch. To tell you the truth, it also took me a while to figure out and understand surfing watches and I continue to be puzzled about them. There are so many brands and types of surf watches available out there and it really is a challenge to tell one from another.

Why I Feel The Need To Be Equipped With The Best Surf Watches?

waterproof Rip Curl surf watches

For regular days, it may suffice to wear an ordinary watch with the basic features for accurate time telling. But for people like me, watches are particularly important for our hobby. In fact, I consider my waterproof Rip Curl surf watches to be a part of myself. That is because I rely on it so much for not just the time but for monitoring the tides as well. Tide tracking is a crucial detail I need to know before going into the water.

Yes, I may be able to tell the movement of the tides by simple observation. But that don’t always do. I have to admit, I feel much more at ease referring to a technologically calibrated machine to help me determine and track the waves as it gets affected by tidal movement.

What Are The Choices For The Best Surf Watches?

There are just too many brands to choose from I feel like more and more is added to the selection. While it is a good thing to have options, it can be particularly confusing as well. I do have several top of mind brands that I think are most definitely reliable.

Brand is important not for impression or perception. It is essential because we already have an opinion about which makers come up with the best ones. The few standout names when it comes to surf watches are Nixon, Rip Curl and G-Shock among others. At least that’s for me, based on my experience as a surfer. I’ve owned a couple of watches but these three seem to impress me the most which has got to do with the quality of their produce.

How To Choose The Right Surf Watch?

I have a few basic considerations when going shopping for a waterproof Rip Curl surf watches. These considerations are accuracy, features, material and price. Choosing the brand is a matter of personal taste. But if you are to buy one, I do recommend that you ensure these basic qualities are addressed because they can contribute to the overall performance of the watch. I included price because I understand not everyone has a hefty budget.

Final Reminder For Surf Watch Shopping

No matter how concerned you are about the price, I don’t think it is wise to sacrifice the quality of the watch just to fulfill your budget requirements. I have learned this lesson the hard way. I actually ruined several cheap watches and if I was only wiser to invest in the best surf watches, I would not have ended up wasting more money.