How To Take Care of Your Queen Mattress

With mattresses being a long-term purchase, it is all too common that you may forget some of the how to’s of your new mattress. For example, how do you protect your new cheap queen mattress in Brisbane warranty? We understand your needs and has all the answers to your questions about your new mattress.

image_f04f3601-4c99-4bad-ad1a-9c0b1d353ac3_320X320Being that your queen mattress Brisbane is one of the most important purchases you make in your life, you will want to do your best at maintaining the quality of your mattress as well as protecting the warranty. Although it may sound like a lot of work to properly take care of your mattress, it is quite simple. The first thing you will want to do is buy a mattress protector pad when you are purchasing your new mattress. The mattress protector pad is the easiest way to protect your mattress from stains and other damage, as well as your warranty. Besides getting a great night’s sleep from your mattress, your queen mattress Brisbane warranty is also an asset. The manufacturer’s warranty is key if something is wrong with your mattress, but it becomes completely voided if there is a single stain on the mattress. We stress the importance of a mattress pad protector when it comes to protecting your mattress from any possible stain.

Besides protecting your warranty and your mattress from stains, certain mattress protectors also have bed bug shields. The protector pads with a bed bug shield prevent bed bugs from making your cheap queen mattress in Brisbane their new home. For additional coverage, there are also pillow protectors that will defend your pillow against allergens, dust mites and stains. Considering our body sheds cells, sweats and sometimes even drools will get onto our pillows each night, without a pillow protector your pillow can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold.

If you like sleeping in a nice, clean bed here are a few mattress care tips. Never have your mattress dry cleaned. The chemicals in the process could damage the components inside the mattress. If you don’t have a mattress protector pad and you get a stain on your mattress, don’t use any chemical sprays to get the stain out. It’s best to consult the manufacturer’s tags on the mattress because that is where you will find what you should do for your specific mattress. If you treat yourself to breakfast in bed once in a while then you may want to lightly vacuum the top of your mattress in case any food debris gets left behind.

IMG_1545_320X320Lastly, the best way to take care of your new mattress is to regularly rotate it. During the first three months with your new mattress, you will want to rotate your mattress every two weeks as this is an adjustment period for your body and your new cheap queen mattress in Brisbane. After those three months have passed you should rotate your mattress once every two months. Doing this will prevent impressions and dips forming in your mattress and elongate the life of your mattress. Take note though, when rotating your mattress never use the handles on the mattress to bear the full weight because that could lead to tearing or ripping.

Everyone knows what it feels like the next day after a night of not sleeping well. That is why to ensure you maximize your mattress’ lifespan and supportive nature, you should read the manufacturer’s label for the best care instructions for your mattress. Taking proper care of your mattress will make all the difference when it comes to the longevity of your mattress. Buying a new mattress is a very important purchase because it directly affects your quality of sleep and of life. In order to fully enjoy the benefits of quality sleep, you’ll need to sleep on a supportive mattress. When you follow your mattress’ care instructions diligently, your mattress will provide a great night’s sleep for a long time.