Shop For Brand New Bikini Bottom Every Year

People make New Year’s resolutions every year and many of these resolutions involve getting in shape and by spring comes around this has transformed into wanting to look good in a bikini. For 2018 Johnson has made things easier or maybe more difficult by revealing their new women bathing suits for 2018. What they have for consumers is hit or miss for the most part.

What Is Nice

Sometimes it seems that you cannot go wrong with leopard print. Maybe it is the reference to the sleek animal. Whatever the look, works for The Leopard-print Wrap Bikini from the designer swimwear line. At first glance, it looks like a Brazilian and other bikini bottoms in Australia. The top actually starts at the back and the fabric wraps around the side and connects in the front and ties in the back. Unlike others, it does not look like the persons getting a wedgie. The effect is subtle, a bit intriguing and of course, cute and sexy. One can have lots of fun with this bikini.

The Bizarre

Bizarre can be cool. Bizarre can be great, but bizarre is definitely a bad thing when it comes to the Red Carter Slashed One-Piece. It is an eye catcher but seems more likely to generate negative comments instead of compliments. The Slashed one-piece started out as a regular, one strap bikini. Perfectly normal and not anything to attract attention. Its attention grabbing features are the slashes across the front and sides. It appears that they were aiming for cheeky and teasing, but it just looks like the wearer survived being mauled by a leopard, or worse, is wearing the swimsuit of someone who did not survive.

Sounded Better at the time?


A quick survey of the new Betsey bikini, one sees numerous interesting designs. One of these, in the category of Little Black bikini, is the Topless Bikini. Yes, the Topless bikini and not the topless bikini model. What is intriguing about this bikini, in addition to its design, why they thought that it was necessary or would sell. After all going topless while at the beach is nothing new. If they had made something that was cute, they could have gotten away with it, but no. The swimsuit features a cute bikini bottom with a section of fabric in the front that starts out wide and tapers into two cords that tie at the neck. It would not be so bad if it did not look like the person was getting a front wedgie or wearing an odd diaper. Neither of these is sexy. Ironically enough, the topless bikini comes with a removable band top.

In fact, the majority of Australia Secrets swimwear offerings this year are a wonderful and cute, such as the Leopard Print Gold Ring bottom bikini swimwear featuring delightful lower rise bottom.

There is no doubt that when you are in search of a modest bikini, one of the top priorities to look at is a bikini. These fashion bikini swimsuits are growing more popular because of the styles, comfort, and coverage they provide.