The sea and island food

The famous typical dishes of the archipelago of San Andres in which the fruits of the sea and the land are produced in the islands that come together! We are a sample of the importance of the sea for the food of the Islanders, from where they obtain a part of the ingredients for their recipes, in addition to having a vast knowledge of the uses that can be given to foods such as fish, the snail, the crab and the lobster. In this tour, we will know some of the main preparations of the islands, as well as how important food is for family and friendship, all this with the sea as a landscape.

Can you list how many dishes on the islands have an ingredient that comes from the sea? Well, let’s start with me, which am traditionally made with fish and snail, as well as yucca, yams, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and other products grown on the islands. Apart, of course, from coconut milk, which is the fundamental ingredient, and which also has some relationship with the sea, since most of the palm trees are found on the beaches of the islands. And what fish? The islanders say that not all fish serve to prepare me because they must have an adequate texture so that they do not crumble, which shows a detailed knowledge of the fish that inhabit the archipelago. Sometimes you may need the domestic elevators!

But there are much more fish and many more recipes that are made from them. Among the Islanders’ favourite fish are the Sierra, the groupers and groupers, the snapper, the mackerel of good size ( jack ) and some small fish like the grunts), the margaritas and the surgeons ( doctor fish). Also, the bonito, a kind of tuna, is currently a very desirable fish, although they say that the old people did not like it as much as the new generations. There is a very special fish, known as chub, which is considered the speciality of a neighbourhood.

Around all these foods and the domestic elevators from the sea and their recipes, as well as those of the earth, without which it would not be possible to cook, important social relations are woven between the Islanders, which make food a foundation of everyday life and operation of society. Each of these foods is related to a productive activity, such as fishing and agriculture, which are part of the ways of being and doing of the Islanders, who are proud of this double maritime and terrestrial heritage. In addition, the kitchen is a source of pride, since being a good cook or a good cook is cause for recognition among the islanders, which is not surprising if we think about how many the islands enjoy the food.

Finally, the food is above all a meeting place where men and women, children, young people, adults and old people can meet to share and make use of domestic elevators. That’s what happens in my case, because a pot of rondon is always a reason for friends and family to meet and enjoy for a while, between stories and stories, stories and memories, since morality, that is, the ability to To express oneself speaking, is one of the strengths of the islanders of the real people. And although cooking has always been a patrimony of women, ladies and gentlemen of kitchens and pots, we must not forget that men also cook a skill that they probably developed as part of their life at sea, where women were usually absent!